Feb 14, 2008 · Using a command-line interface. The following command displays the contents of the local DNS cache: > ipconfig /displaydns. And this clears that cache: > ipconfig /flushdns. The following command causes the local host to reregister its DNS records via dynamic DNS: > ipconfig /registerdns. Using VBScript ' This code flushes the local DNS cache.

Oct 04, 2011 Force the Switch to register in the DNS - Cisco Community Force the Switch to register in the DNS Hello, Is it possible with a command line to force the switch (2960/3650) to register his own host name in the DNS with its IP @? Registering DNS Records into a Bind Domain - Serverlab Mar 20, 2014 Always On VPN DNS Registration Update Available | Richard

Jul 07, 2020

Force dns registration on remote computers using PowerShell

Register-DnsClient. This is a very useful command if you don’t want to wait the DNS Registration after changing the IP Address. For example, you want to registers all of the IP addresses on the domain computer onto the configured DNS server. Register-DnsClient is equivalent to ipconfig / registerdns command.

How to Enable or Disable DNS Client Service in Windows 10 Step#4: If you want to disable DNS Client Service in Windows 10, run the following command in elevated Command Prompt – net stop dnscache. Step#5: To enable the same, type the following and press Enter: – net start dnscache. This will Enable DNS Client Service instantly unless otherwise, the Startup type of this service is Disabled. Domain Controller DNS Record Registration - Concurrency