Workstation issue: a "hardware" issue (e.g. network card broken, but also an old NI driver, an outdated operating system, etc.), a local firewall or antivirus prevents the communication to flow, a OS restriction to the program (the SAPgui in our case) prevents the program to use the network (e.g. User Account Control in the Windows Vista or Server 2008), the program is not running, etc.

Feb 08, 2017 error 1167(The device is not connected.) - SQL Server Q&A Thank you Grant! This is a SAN. SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition. 2 node cluster on VMware servers. Network team did find a failed disk on the storage where back-ups write. Could that failed disk cause this error? Internet Explorer cannot connect "error 12029" - Microsoft

PRVE-0426 : The size of in-memory file system mounted as /dev/shm is "8388608k" megabytes which is less than the required size of "2048" megabytes on node "" Check for /dev/shm mounted as temporary file system failed

Jul 11, 2019 Top 6 Known WebEx Issues Experienced by NSF Remote

Veeam tries first to connect by RPC and fallback to VIX. So if you can connect by RPC there is no need to fix the VIX connection. To allow VIX to work you need several things: - Actual VMware Tools installed within the VM. - VM is running - VIX is enabled within VMware Tools and ESXi (this is by default the case).

Important to understand that some OS call is failing. I was hoping that you would get back to us today with section of /var/adm/messages that covers the time frame when status 11 errors were seen. Same with All Log Entries report - select the master server and the start and end time a bit before (+- 1 hour) the status 11 up to about 1 hour (111) Connection refused - please help Sep 28, 2009 Uconnect® for Chrysler - System Updates & How-To Videos This is the Uconnect® support page for Chrysler vehicles like the Chrysler 300, Chrysler Pacifica & Voyager. Read about system updates, FAQ & more. Common errors and troubleshooting steps for network