How to Configure a PPTP VPN Server (RRAS) in Windows

Jan 08, 2008 Guidance for configuring IPv6 in Windows for advanced users By default, the 6to4 tunneling protocol is enabled in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or later versions when an interface is assigned a public IPv4 address (that is, an IPv4 address that is not in the ranges,, or 6to4 automatically assigns an IPv6 address to the 6to4 tunneling interface for each such address that is assigned, and 6to4 dynamically registers these … VPN on Server 2008 R2 - Windows Server - Spiceworks

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However, if we set up a hardware VPN tunnel to the new cloud hosting provider, we'll incur a hefty monthly charge which I'd like to avoid. Is there a way to set up a software VPN tunnel between one server running Windows Server 2008 R2 on one network and a hardware firewall on a different network?