While VMware provides VMware Studio, we enable our partners like rPath, JumpBox, VirtualAppliances.net, cohesiveFT, SuSE Studio to build VMware Ready appliances. The distribution channel that we provide is the world's largest repository of virtual appliances, namely the Virtual Appliances Marketplace which has over 900 listed appliances.

Virtual appliance - Wikipedia File formats. Virtual appliances are provided to the user or customer as files, via either electronic downloads or physical distribution. The file format most commonly used is the Open Virtualization Format (OVF). It may also be distributed as Open Virtual Appliance (OVA), the .ova file format is interchangeable with .ofv. The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) publishes the OVF Download Free Virtual Machines and Appliances - Utternerd.org Download Free Virtual Machines and Appliances. or VMWare's Player (or even QEMU if you don't mind extracting and converting some files). *As usual, it is suggested that you change the passwords after your initial boot. Feel free to contact me with issues/questions. Comments. TurnKey GNU/Linux | 100+ free ready-to-use system images

A virtual appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine image, ready to run on a hypervisor; virtual appliances are a subset of the broader class of software appliances. Installation of a software appliance on a virtual machine and packaging that into an image creates a virtual appliance.

VMware Backup Solutions vSphere and ESXI Hypervisor Unitrends Helix New! Pair with any appliance for self-healing backups Recovery Series Backup Appliances Pretuned, custom built backup appliances for total continuity Unitrends Backup Software All-in-one virtual backup appliance for your hardware or the cloud VM Backup Essentials (vBE) All-in-one virtual backup appliance for VMware environments up to 6 sockets Boomerang for VMware Simple and

Free VMware Monitoring Tools are the essentials that VMware admins can use and implement when managing virtual infrastructures running VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. Many of them have been awarded during VMworld. Or you can use VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual appliances.

ESXi is the virtualization platform where you create and run virtual machines and virtual appliances. vCenter Server is the service through which you manage multiple hosts connected in a network What’s New in VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.10 | VMware Cindy is a Technical Writer Manager in VMware’s End-User Computing Technical Marketing department with over 20 years of experience communicating software concepts online. Cindy has been producing and collaborating on guides, blog posts, and other content about VMware Horizon Cloud, VMware Workspace ONE, VMware App Volumes, and more, since 2013.