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Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum Support Discussions for Family Members (parents, spouses, children of, etc.) and caregivers of people who have schizophrenia. Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum. Topic Replies Views Activity; Please Read - Intro and Guidelines for Family Member / Caregiver Forum. Family. 35: Paranoid Schizophrenia: Symptoms (Delusions Paranoid schizophrenia, or schizophrenia with paranoia as doctors now call it, is the most common example of this mental illness.. Schizophrenia is a kind of psychosis, which means your mind doesn

1. Studies of the relationship of homosexuality to paranoid schizophrenia in female groups, as compared with control groups. As noted in the literature review, there are only two nonpsychoanalytic case reports dealing with homosexuality and paranoid schizophrenia in females. 2. Studies on this subject utilizing primary source material.

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