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Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process where a network device, usually a firewall, assigns a public address to a computer (or group of computers) inside a private network. The main use of NAT is to limit the number of public IP addresses an organization or company must use, for both economy and security purposes. What is NAT - Network Address Translation? Webopedia NAT is short for Network Address Translation.NAT is an Internet standard that enables a local-area network (LAN) to use one set of IP addresses for internal traffic and a second set of addresses for external traffic. A NAT box located where the LAN meets the Internet makes all necessary IP address translations.. The Purpose of NAT. NAT serves three main purposes: NAT - TRAVEL GUIDE OF ICELAND

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NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. Click on the map above for detailed alerts or NAT - Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd Stock Price Nordic American (NYSE:NAT) traded in a range yesterday that spanned from a low of $4.48 to a high of $4.77. Yesterday, the shares fell 4.4%, which took the trading range below the 3-day low of $4.65 Nat | Burmese religion | Britannica Nat, in Burmese folk religion, any of a group of spirits that are the objects of an extensive, probably pre-Buddhist cult; in Thailand a similar spirit is called phi. Most important of the nats are a group collectively called the “thirty-seven,” made up of spirits of human beings who have died NAT Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd. — Stock Price and Jul 20, 2020