Apr 04, 2020

Restart FireStick. If you can’t really put a finger on the exact reason causing the FireStick buffering … Fix: YouTube Running Slow on Your Computer - Appuals.com Changing the Video URL. Many users reported that changing the URL significantly increased their … How to Fix YouTube Loading and Buffering Problems and Nov 30, 2018

How to Fix: Slow Buffering of Videos - Windows Bulletin

Videos endlessly buffering only on Chrome - YouTube Community For about 5 months now I am having a problem with watching YouTube video's in Chrome. Either right at the start, after 3 seconds, or sometimes 10 minutes in, YouTube stops loading the video. When watching YT videos in Edge they load instantly and there is no buffering whatsoever, which means my internet connection is not the problem.

Jul 09, 2020

6 Tips to Stop Video Buffering When Live Streaming Buffering. The small rounded dots that seems to go on forever. “Why does my video keep buffering?” At least one-half of viewers who watched a live stream swear ask this question helplessly. There are 5 common reasons that causes buffering issues: 1. The connection between the live video encoder and the server is interrupted. 2. Useful Tips to Stop YouTube Video from Buffering So when YouTube videos begin buffering, you can try to settle the issue by easily restart the device. This will help to turn off all the background software and refresh the device. After rebooting the device, you can launch the YouTube App again and check whether you are able to open and play a YouTube …