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How to find the proper MTU size for my network | TP-Link Helpful hint: One way to verify whether if it is an MTU problem is to try and access the application or website via dial up access.Since dial up uses a default MTU of 576 bytes you will not have the same problems as broadband. If you have problems with both broadband and dial up access then the problem is probably something else. router - About BEST and MAX MTU with PPPOE + PPTP About BEST and MAX MTU with PPPOE + PPTP in the router. I have Has been setup WAN to PPPOE and MTU is 1492, because 1464 is maxed on my ISP. and I have connected PPTP on the same router, and MTU is 1942 max is 1372, so need I change WAN MTU to 1400? router wan mtu wan-optimizer. How to change the default MTU for PPP and VPN connections The following applies to Windows XP Pro, 2000 server, and 2003 server. To change the MTU setting for PPP connections: 1. Navigate to Start > Run, type: regedit, find the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NdisWan\Parameters 2. Add a "Protocols" subkey, add a "0" (zero) subkey to the Protocols subkey as well.

How to Setup a VPN (PPTP) Server on Debian Linux

VPN Server - PPTP The wireless router currently uses a private WAN IP address (192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x). Please refer to the FAQ and set up the port forwarding. What is the Max MTU for PPTP VPN ? :: SG FAQ The Maximum MTU for PPTP tunneling VPN using Ethernet in Windows 9x/ME is 1462. In Windows XP/2k/2k3, it seems to be limited to 1400 by default. See this Microsoft article for changing the Max MTU value in Windows XP/2k/2k3: MS KB 826159

MTU is the Maximum Transmission Unit, the largest packet of data that a computer interface will send. For Ethernet the default is 1500 Bytes. Ethernet frames typically are allowed to be up to 1522-1542 (depends on what you count) and the extra space is 'reserved' for header information. Various connections may have different capabilities.

PPTP Setting MTU size for PPTP server solves Windows browsing issues. After setting up pptpd on a cheap VPS sat in New York to gain access to Netflix USA, I noticed some problems with several websites when connected to the VPN on Windows. Strangely [SOLVED] MTU issues in VPN connections - Networking Apr 18, 2012 Windows 10 problem with PPTP